(4th Edition)

                                                          Venue:-Ground Floor, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

                                                                        Dates-23rd to 26th November 2018.


Indian’s  most affordable platform designed by Indian Art Promoter for all kinds of artists, galleries, photographers, animators, art stores & art magazines etc.

 Exhibitor’s ProfilePaintings, Cartoons, Calligraphy, Greetings, Sculptures, Graphics, Digital Prints, Photographs, Installations, Illustrations, Artefacts,  Animations, Art Institutes, Art stores, Recycled arts & Decorative arts etc.

Visitor’s ProfileProfessionals, Architects, Interior designers, Collectors, Connoisseurs, Industrialists, Celebrities, VIPs, Hoteliers, Home decorators, Corporates, Jewellers, Exporters, National & International buyers etc.

Approximate footfall is 100 to 150 thousand people.

Advertisement & Campaigns All major Print, electronic & digital media, online event calendars, expo websites, magazines, email blast, posters, banners, fliers & invitations to prominent personalities etc.


23rd Nov-Morning 10 A.M. to 1 P.M.-Display of artworks.

2 P.M. to 7 P.M.-Inauguration & VIP Preview.

24th to 26th Nov-Morning 11 A.M. to Evening 7 P.M. (open for public)

 Registration Fee50% of total booth rent.

To register please send email of duly filled up form attached below.

Booth Size & Rent-Height-approx. 8 Ft

  • 16 Sq. Mt-(D Series)-INR 1,28,000/-
  • 15 Sq. Mt. ( F Series)-INR 1,20,000/-
  • 9 Sq. Mt. (A Series)-INR 72,000/-
  • 9 Sq. Mt. (I Series)-INR 63,000/-
  • 8 Sq. Mt. (J Series)-INR 64,000/-
  • 8 Sq. Mt. (H Series)-INR 56,000/-
  • 6 Sq. Mt. (K Series)-INR 48,000/-
  • 6 Sq. Mt. (B Series)-INR 45,000/-
  • 5 Sq. Mt. (E Series)-INR 40,000/-
  • 4 Sq. Mt. (C 1 to 7,14,15,16 )-INR 30,000/-

       4 Sq. Mt (C 17 to 33)-INR 25,000/-

      4 Sq. Mt (C 8 to 13)-INR 20,000/-

(18% GST will be charged extra)

Last Date of Registration-31st July 2018

Last date of Catalogue entries- 15th Aug 2018

Last Date of Full Payment- 30th Aug 2018.


(Booth can be shared by max. two exhibitors in 4 Sq. Mt., three exhibitors in 5 & 6 Sq. Mt & four exhibitors in 8 & 9 Sq. Mt of booth)


Painting of 3×3 Ft can be displayed in 4, 6. 8 & 9 Sq. Mt booth is 12, 16 & 18-20 numbers simultaneously.

 Materials provided at the booth:-

1) Carpet

2) Fascia

3) One table, two chairs & one dustbin

4) 2 lights in 4 Sq. Mt, 3 Lights in 6, 8, 9 Sq. Mt. & 6 lights in 15 & 16 Sq. Mt booth.

5) One plug point

6) Hanging S-clamps & strings

7) E-catalogue or Printed Catalogue (if situation permits) (1 Copy)

Other extra items are chargeable.


Payment by online transfer only– Contact us for details.

 For any query contact

Office No-38, Sonam Shopping Centre, Phase‐6, Old Golden Nest, Bhayander (E),

Mumbai. Pin‐401105.

Mb- =919930193908 Email- indianart1@outlook.com  or indianartpromoter123@gmail.com

Website http://www.kalaaspandanartfair.com & http://www.indianartpromoter.com


 Terms & Conditions

1.Security will be provided during exhibition and taken all precautionary measures but the Organisers cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or damage & the insurance, transportation, framing expenses, storage & breakage etc. will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitors.

Taxes of sold artworks & logistic expenses if any, has to be paid by the exhibitors.

  1. Application fee is non-refundable. Booth rent once paid can’t be cancelled. If full payment is not received within the due date then the amount paid will be forfeited & the space will be used by the organiser’s discretion. The Organisers reserve the right to alter the floor layout, location of the allocated space and shape of the booth, if circumstances demand.
  2. Organizer will not be responsible if the show is cancelled/abandoned/suspended fully or in part due to any unto‐ward incident beyond organiser’s control or deed of God etc. In such cases the organiser will repay the booth rent (except application fee) after deducting all expenses occurred from the announcement of the show till date or adjust in the next exhibition.
  3. All the above mentioned features may be altered or cancelled anytime at the sole discretion of the organizer.
  4. Selection & display of the artworks/photographs at the sole discretion of the organizer & no copy work will be allowed to display.
  5. The Exhibitors have to obtain casual or permanent GST number for conducting sales.

Credit/Debit card swipe machine has to be brought/arranged by the exhibitors if needed.

  1. All disputes are subject to Thane Jurisdiction only.






                                                                                           REGISTRATION FORM


I/We would like to register for booth at “Kalaa Spandan Art Fair” Nov 2018 & agree to abide by the terms & conditions of the fair.


Name of the



Address: ___________________________________________




Tel/Mobile number:_____________________________________________


Email id:_____________________________________________


Application for booth size & number:_______________________________________________


Name of Fascia:_______________________________________________


Artworks categories to be displayed: (Paintings/Cartoons/Sculptures/Graphics/Digital Prints/Photographs/Installations/Illustrations/Animations/Art materials/Magazines/Institutes/Artefacts/ Decorative arts/Recycled arts).


N.B.-Please attach complete profile (word format) along with profile picture & two images of artworks/photographs (high resolution jpeg format) along with this form.


Name & Signature of the exhibitor